AI-based computer vision techniques for advanced surveillance and asset tracking for security in shopping centers, hotels, sports stadiums, airports.

Smart City

Mobile media sharing for professional group operations and advanced command & control.

Smart Street Light

Advanced interoperability, data collection and sharing in heterogeneous massive sensor networks.

Smart Home

Mission management for remotely controlled unit operations such as swarms of sensor-embedded drones.

Smart Parking

Digital Twin solutions for developing applications using 2D and 3D virtual spaces.

Quality Control

Development of collaborative platforms enabling cutting edge research from data production to analytics and secure data sharing for applications in medicine, and clinical data management.

Digital Twin

Beyond the development and through the merging realms of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, digital twin technology has shifted.

PPE Detection

Protect your employees in harsh environments
Construction sites | production halls | industrial plants | transport companies | mining | airports | warehouses | reloading stations

Fleet Management

We provide Real-time fleet visibility system Optimal effective real-time routing Engine all data via on-board sensors Speed/idling real-time feedback analysis

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